About The Project

Content marketing to increase awareness, drive traffic and increase sales with digital promotions to enhance content marketing efforts.

Working in collaboration with the client, we created a robust content marketing campaign utilizing thought leadership marketing and company news to drive sales.

The client came to us with the challenge of driving sales using digital strategies, without the use of paid search engine advertising. The client wanted to supplement their advertising strategies with more organic and social media opportunities.

The rumors are true: content is king.

By creating this new content marketing strategy, we helped Mako engage with their digital audience in more meaningful ways by boosting the quality and quantity of activity on their blog and social channels. Further, part of this content marketing strategy was to leverage the president to create impactful thought leadership marketing pieces.
The rumors are true: <span>content is king</span>.

Content marketing
with proven results.

Our content pieces including thought leadership marketing works from the president, as well as from key leaders within the company, as well as major company announcements, such as inclusion in awards such as Inc magazine’s Inc 5000 list, Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur 360 list, and Globe and Mail’s Growth 500 list, which were all Wellness PR initiatives as well.
Content <span>marketing</span> <br>with proven results.

Digital communications increased by 75%, leads and conversions increased by 50%.

By tailoring content specifically targeted to Mako’s audience, content about design, engineering, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership, leads were increased by 50% and conversions using organic marketing matched the level of paid advertising.