About The Project

Modern Branding and Website Design with international coffee house Perdido Coffee

Working in collaboration with the client, we created a new brand and a new website to cohesively enhance that brand using modern, contemporary design practices.

Together we build a fully functional e-commerce website, including full on-site purchasing power, that helped Perdido Coffee grow and communicate with their audience. We helped them tell their story and enhance their opportunities globally, all while communicating their brand through modern design.

Brand marketing that
delivers powerful ROI

By creating this new redesign of the Perdido Coffee brand, the door was opened to a world of opportunities for increased sales, communication, and engagement. The key website messaging was targeted towards their key demographics and moved them through a logical sales funnel in order to increase digital sales.
Brand <span>marketing</span> that <br>delivers powerful ROI

A new brand that drives leads and conversions with the results to prove it.

Our designs included branding and website design, public website and private member website, e-commerce design, and logo design. Through out it all, we maintained consistency using the established company color palette that reflects that companies core values.
A new brand that drives <span>leads and conversions</span> with the results to prove it.

Digital sales increased 100% drawing attention to a younger, more affluent audience.

By reaching the right people at the right time on the right platform, we were able to target messaging and design to a newly targeted demographic, while enhancing the company’s overall brand, and increasing digital sales by 100%.